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 No new beta tonight...

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PostSubject: No new beta tonight...   2nd January 2017, 10:22 pm

I'm almost ready to post beta 2.3, but not quite. Hit a point where we need to bang heads and decide on a couple of details before I can post the next bit, and that will have to wait till tomorrow morning. My suggestions need a bit of cogitating time from Benoit and Leo.

Regardless of what we decide tomorrow, I can finish off the new slice of rules and post that. So within 24 hours you'll definitely have another helping of rules to crunch through, and this isn't going to delay the whole thing any - we'll still have got through it all by the end of the week Smile

In the meantime, I note that 2.2 has had rather fewer views than 2.1, so I wonder if people are recovering from their overindulgence, or perhaps returned to 700 emails at work today. Either way, this brief pause will perhaps allow them to catch up Smile

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No new beta tonight...
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