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 Some first gameplay impressions (5 sessions)

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PostSubject: Re: Some first gameplay impressions (5 sessions)   12th January 2017, 12:14 am

@LoMas: Thank you and very much for the info and the reference to the rules, I will check them to have a better understanding of how the troops work.

But from my personal opinion, I still believe that troops would be more usefull if they kept their talents all the time (but if rules are like this, there must be some reason behind this decision).
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PostSubject: Re: Some first gameplay impressions (5 sessions)   26th January 2017, 4:43 pm

Orword wrote:
VrNpc wrote:
It seems like with leader, you could position your troops to encourage/force an opponent to use/waste a hero/monster/god card to deal with them, thereby gaining a bit of strategic card advantage. I have not had a chance to try this out yet. For those of you with PnP versions, does this seem like a viable tactic?

For sure! They can be recalled at any time, so every activation card you spend to kill them always feels like a bit of a waste. Besides, if you're playing Hades, you actually can't wait for your enemy to destroy them! bounce

Right. But it takes several troop activation to get troops into position, but often my opponent wipes out my troops with just one attack. I can recall troops back to a god, so 1 unit of troops can be useful. I think that's fine. My only issue with troops is that when you try and use more than 1, it all falls apart.

If you could rally to a unit other than a god, then you could get a second unit of troops into position, and if troops could deploy to other spots on the board with their activation it would also help the utility. I think these are worth play-testing because the game has so many troops now, it would be cool if taking more than 1 wasn't a complete waste of RP.
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Some first gameplay impressions (5 sessions)
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