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 Error in Hera's campaign

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PostSubject: Error in Hera's campaign   31st December 2017, 7:45 pm

Hi there,

I've just read the campaign from Hera's expension.
However, it seems to have an error that makes the campaign unplayable.

In fact, it seems that one unit is missing in Hera's side.

Athena's starting team is worth 16 RP, but Hera's is just 13 RP (Hera 4, Achilles 4, Odysseus 3, Eurystheus 1, Hoplites 1).

Moreover, in the first scenario (Brother against Brother) players can't use their godess but have to make 10 RP worth teams. In the case of Hera, it is impossible as her available units are 9 RP worth only...

Has an errata already been released for that point ??
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Error in Hera's campaign
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