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 Polyphem and Mighty Throw (Power)

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PostSubject: Polyphem and Mighty Throw (Power)   15th December 2017, 1:39 pm

Hello guys,

I have a problem to understand the talents of Polyphem, who is I think, very (too ?) strong :

"Every attack it makes is assumed to include enough blank results to make a Mighty Throw, regardless of the actual dice roll"

Is it normal to have a monster (not a God...) who can attack a zone, distance 3, and who can move (Mighty Throw) any unit of the game without making any blank result ?? If you have a God, a Titan or a small unit, for him it is the same.

My last night game was a nightmare... Just impossible to take any Emphalos. This monster have 5 activation cards, my oponent drops like 7 o 8 trees on my face and from the spawn. Easy game for him.

WTF ??

Help please lol!
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Polyphem and Mighty Throw (Power)
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