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 Missing Components?

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PostSubject: Missing Components?   5th December 2017, 3:36 pm

Hi all,

I have received the first batch of my typhon bundle (the four big expansions) and I would like to confirm if these components are missing for everyone (since I saw unboxing videos on youtube and did not see them as well) or if I'm missing something.

On the Poseidon expansion:

- on the components (page 3) it is stated that there are 14 wreck tokens, but I only have 12;

- in english, the hull damage part of the components is all messed up, with the "20 hull damage tokens numbered 1 on one side and 3 on the other" sentence that I believe is wrong, but the other sentence (51 damage tokens) are just what I have, so I ignore that first sentence and think I have them all;

- Then on page 5 it talks about archer, ballista, greek fire and shield tokens. Page 6 has the sail marker. I have none of these tokens. Am I missing one punch board or are these tokens coming with the core box?;

- On the minis box, there is an empty space right next to the activation cards. Was there suppose to be something there?

On the Hephaestus expansion, the back of the box says there are 32 activation cards, but I only have 31 (after counting the number of stars on each activation card I believe it is a mistake on the box. Just want to make sure).

Was a late backer, so can't ask this on the kickstarter. And since I have to make a ticket because the Hera mini is broken, I want to make sure I ask for everything at once.

Cheers and thanks =)

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Missing Components?
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