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 Egyptian Mythic Battles Discussion 

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Garret Grauvogel
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PostSubject: Egyptian Mythic Battles Discussion    Egyptian Mythic Battles Discussion  Empty13th November 2017, 4:42 pm

As I wrote "Gods rising from the Ashes (Scenario and Rule idea) " I had an idea

The main problem with an Egyptian MB seems to be the lack of heroes and monsters, which could lead to it just being part of another MB or a small expansion.
So how to fix that problem?
The main feature of the Egyptian gods is that they are a mixture of god and human. Most often a human body and an animals head.

So what if, after losing a big portion of their power, some parts of the god's powers formed new beings?
That way one god could be turned into three different units.
One god, which represents both the human and the animal aspect, as well as the major aspect of the god.
A second one would be human, a hero, to guide men into battle.
The third would then be the wild monster part, rampaging the lands.

For example, we could have Ra as a god to lead our army, this is the "real god".
Some pieces of his power gathered into a hero, which has mostly supportive abilities, maybe protecting or healing troops and other units.
But the balance must be kept, and another part of Ras power gathered into a powerful monster, capable of blinding and burning his enemies on the go.

That way it would be able to cruise around the problem of not having too many heroes that are known today.

This is just an idea and I would like to hear what you think about.
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Egyptian Mythic Battles Discussion 
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