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 Persephone vs. Hades (KSE Scenario)

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Garret Grauvogel
Garret Grauvogel

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Persephone vs. Hades (KSE Scenario) Empty
PostSubject: Persephone vs. Hades (KSE Scenario)   Persephone vs. Hades (KSE Scenario) Empty5th November 2017, 8:22 pm

This is just a quick draft for a scenario idea I had. I will start with a little bit of background to this scenario.

After the Titanomachy a badly wounded Hades wants to get back into the underworld, gathering the rest of his troops to follow him, so that he could lick his wounds...but once he arrived at the gates to his domain he has to find out that his wife, Persephone turned against him and decided to rule the underworld on her own...

Persephone has Minos and Cerberus on her side, while Hades got the Hell Hounds, the Infernal Artillery, the hell warriors as well as the two remaining judges in his side, but everything already lost one life at the beginning of the game, showing the battle damage they took.
Also, Hades and Persephone start in fixed positions.

Hade's goal is it to get use a simple action in Persephone's starting area to enter the underworld.

In addition to all these rules, Persephone can always decide to activate her "Spring growth" Power for free, but it lasts until the end of that player next turn (so it also affects his own units).

The game ends if Hades went through his deck three times and didn't leave the battlefield, if Hades leaves the battlefield or if a god is killed.

If you have questions or ideas feel free to speak(/write) them out loud.
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Persephone vs. Hades (KSE Scenario)
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