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 Second Titanomachy PnP battle report

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PostSubject: Second Titanomachy PnP battle report   5th September 2017, 11:43 pm

second titanomachy PnP battle
My wife and I recently played a game of all titans, 42 points vs equivalent points of gods, seven 6 point gods. A second titanomachy if you will. I have made all 12 gods and 5 titans for the PnP based on the current dashboards posted. (I heard the stats of the titans and gods have changed a bit)
The victory conditions were to reduce one side to 2 titan or 3 gods. It was actually great fun and came down to the wire. With 3 titans and 4 gods left my wife, playing the gods, came with the anger of a son (poseidon) against his father (kronos) for eating him and took him down for the win of the gods.
With low art of war card count the titans had to rely on speed and strength. I was on the other side of the field in no time putting the pressure the gods as they slowly entered. I took a few risks with my art of war cards that didnt pay off like a hoped. So I found myself mid battle with no AoWs which was sad because I had manged to get 5 gods in an area adjacent to Kronos and was ready the use his scyth on them.
End game was a lot closer then I thought it would be. And all played in an hour and a half. For anyone that is getting the titans I would suggest playing a type of battle like this.
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Second Titanomachy PnP battle report
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