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 Cassiopeia, the Queen of Aethiopia

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Cassiopeia, the Queen of Aethiopia Empty
PostSubject: Cassiopeia, the Queen of Aethiopia   Cassiopeia, the Queen of Aethiopia Empty20th April 2017, 3:52 am

I felt this was needed to complete a family that is well represented in the game.  Her daughter is in (Andromeda), the God she taunted in is (Poseidon), the monster that Poseidon sent is in (Ketos), Andromeda’s hero is in (Perseus).   Cassiopeia set the whole sea monster fueled mayhem in motion, so she can boast about the power of her forces in game.  

Cassiopeia, the Queen of Aethiopia Cassio11

The text scrunched up a bit if it’s not readable it says:

Useable once per game.  Target a friendly non-troop unit and place the following token on it:
- Two health tokens that may be removed to prevent 1 damage each.
- 3 tokes that represent a permeant +1 modification to a single stat.  Choose between Attack, Defense, Range and Movement for each token.  (To a max of 10 for attack and defense)
Troops may be recalled to the unit’s area using the Recall Maneuver.  If the target unit is killed, you lose the game immediately (prior to any unit abilities that allow regeneration).

Remove target of Cassiopeia’s Boast from the game, this does not cause you to lose the game.

(also who said the Clash of the Titans Movie wasn’t good for anything, I had to find a pic of Cassi someplace.)
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Cassiopeia, the Queen of Aethiopia
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