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 Why Draw 3 on Deck Cycle?

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PostSubject: Why Draw 3 on Deck Cycle?   5th March 2017, 4:03 pm

After discussions about short decks, and watching the Beasts of war play through, I am confused why all players draw 3 cards when any player cycles their deck.  

When a player reaches the end of their draw deck, their hand size seems independent of their deck size:  they may have just drawn a bunch of cards and have a huge hand  OR they could burn everything have 0 hand.  So, the three card draw isn't necessary to refresh a hand - so I have to assume there is another intended purpose.  

The side effects of the 3 card draw seems to be:

  • Aggressive hand management near the end of your deck (knowing you'll get a 3 card boost)
  • An advantage to short decks who get access to a larger percentage of their deck (presumably filled with power cards)
  • Speeding up the game for all players - however players that just drew their entire remaining deck probably don't need at as much of a boost
  • Shortening all decks to make the next deck cycle closer (increasing the above items)

So my question is, are all of these intended?  Am I missing something else the 3 card cycle enables?  Is the 3 card draw even necessary?
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Why Draw 3 on Deck Cycle?
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