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 Japanese Translation for MBP/MBP和訳資料

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Japanese Translation for MBP/MBP和訳資料 Empty
PostSubject: Japanese Translation for MBP/MBP和訳資料   Japanese Translation for MBP/MBP和訳資料 Empty18th February 2017, 5:15 am

Hi all,

I uploaded my translation on forum with permission of Monolith LLC:
Monolith LLCのご許可をいただき、the-overlord.netのフォーラムに日本語版ルールをアップロードしました。

If you want, please visit the site above.

From now on, I have a plan to upload other files (dashboards stickers etc.) there.


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Japanese Translation for MBP/MBP和訳資料
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