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 Nemesis & Peitho new units

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Nemesis & Peitho new units Empty
PostSubject: Nemesis & Peitho new units   Nemesis & Peitho new units Empty16th February 2017, 10:36 pm

With Paolo Parente's Box we have 2 Circes and 2 Aphrodites... Why don't use them in other way? It's my idea:

1. We use Circe and pigs from PP's Box normally as Circe and her animals.

2. We use Aphrodite from the SG normally as Aphrodite.

3. We use Circe from SS as... Nemezis.
- Stats: Without change
- Talents: Initiative, Mobility, Torment
- Special 1: Pack leader - When you recruit Nemesis, you also recruit Nemesis Wolves at no additional cost. This is the only way Nemesis Wolves can be recruited. Nemesis may recall the unit of Nemesis Wolves to her area in the same way as a god. (Passive, No AOW card needed)
- Special 2: Chase - When you activating Nemesis You can choose one enemy player unit. At the end of each your round Nemesis Wolves will move into direction of choosen enemy unit and attack it, if it's in the range of their attack. (Passive, No AOW card needed)

BTW. Yes, I know that Nemesis was the goddess....

4. We use Circe's Wolves from SG as... Nemesis Wolves.
- Stats: Without change
- Talents: Torment
- Special 1: +1 ATT if this Troop contains at least 2 Nemesis Wolves

5. We use Aphrodite from PP's Box as... Peitho (the goddess who personifies persuasion and seduction)
- Stats: Range 1, Move 1, rest without change
- Talents: Torment, Bolster, Close Protection
- Special 1: When Peitho is attacked she may force enemy unit in her range (not attacker) to guard her, even if that unit doesn't have "guard" talent. (Passive, No AOW card needed)
- Special 2: Choose one enemy unit in your range (not god or titan). This unit must perform one normal attack against other enemy unit (selected by you) that is in its range of attack. (Special Attack, cost 1 AOW)

What do you think!?
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Garret Grauvogel
Garret Grauvogel

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Nemesis & Peitho new units Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nemesis & Peitho new units   Nemesis & Peitho new units Empty7th November 2017, 5:25 pm

Seems like a good use for the "double" minis.
But I have to say that Peithos Power for 0 AoW seems....too strong. Maybe only limit it to troops (and maybe heroes) or say that if that unit isn't an ally you need to pay one AoW?
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Nemesis & Peitho new units
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