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 Hey there from the Netherlands

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Hey there from the Netherlands Empty
PostSubject: Hey there from the Netherlands   Hey there from the Netherlands Empty13th February 2017, 12:53 pm

Hi there guys,

just joined up on these boards after completing my pledge manager to give me some purpose in the following year while I wait for this kickstarter to be delivered.
I'm optimistic for now, hoping the guys form Monolith have taken some lessons from (in my eyes) the disaster that was the kickstarter for Conan.

Any other dutchies around who pledged for this game? I have a nice group of people around me to play the game with, but would never be against branching out and gaming with new people.

Currently painting some Wrath of kings models (first models in a couple years at least) to get me prepared for when Mythic battles arrives. With Models as gorgeous as these, they deserve to be painted well.

Kind regards,

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Hey there from the Netherlands
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