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 Dream Dashboards

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Dream Dashboards Empty
PostSubject: Dream Dashboards   Dream Dashboards Empty9th February 2017, 11:41 pm

I like the new dashboard size, but I still have concerns over the new (and for the matter, the old) stat clips. I wish they had done something with the dashboards that would the game would be in great condition for the next 10 years.

Here's what I wished had been suggested earlier on or decided upon a means of keeping the dashboards in great shape:

Similarly to CMON's zombicide dashboards you would have a Unit Stat Card [USC] that rests within a plastic dashboard. Instead of a sliding tracker at the bottom, there would be a peg and hole system. Each USC would be a thick card stock piece with their stats aligned along the bottom of the card (so basically take the current stat track, turn it on its side and move it to the bottom in a standardized location). This new stat points would be equally spaced out to account for units like Gods and Titans which have up to 12 Vitality.

The peg holes in the dashboard line up perfectly with the USC so that stat degradation is tracked by moving a peg (which could be sculpted as a greek column or something else) across the board. If a units stats don't complete fill out the number of holes (which most would not), you put a special skull sculpted peg in the last hole that would mark a units demise.

• More space to showcase the beautiful artwork
• Potentially save on box weight and therefore shipping cost (reduction in number of cardboard sheets to a lightweight plastic)
• Prevent plastic stat clip from rubbing the board or damaging the cut-out tracks over repeated use
• Replacing lost pegs would be easier than replacing lost or broken stat clips
• Potentially easier for opponents to see how much damage has been inflicted with a raised peg tracking horizontally across the dashboard
• Space saving storage - Unit cards are as thick as the activation cards so they can be stored with little room. Dashboards can be stacked on each other.
• Unit Stat Card could be laminated for extra protection

• Over time, peg holes can be stretched out or pegs worn down/broken
• Pegs might be lost over time

I figure you would need about 12 dashboards for the core box, but you could always purchase more if needed. Same goes for the pegs, you'd be provided with extras. There could even be different colored dashboards or different sculpts for the pegs.

I might do some hi-res scans of all the dashboards when they arrive and mock them up this way, if I ever have the energy to create my own system.
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Dream Dashboards
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