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 Thrown elements

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PostSubject: Thrown elements   Thrown elements Empty8th February 2017, 10:17 am

I was thinking that ruins or threes usage could be slightly expanded.

My thoughts were, as these elements are anyway represented in 3D as units are:
1. Ruins and threes - as elements that could potentially been picked up and thrown away by Herakles - could be considered as units when counting the elements on an area.
2. The thrown ruins/three would remain on its new landing area (and fill in space as a unit does) and counted as filling one space.  
3. It would still block view as it normally does.
4. Power to throw elements could be given to some gigantic units (such as titans). Herakles would remain the only hero with that power.

This could add a little bit of tactic by blocking view and by reducing the maximum number of troops/units on specific targeted areas.  
You could even imagine piling them to block/unblock some area (at a huge Art of War cost of course) in specific scenarii.

Anyway... just thoughts, need to test that Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Thrown elements   Thrown elements Empty9th February 2017, 1:48 pm

1. 3D elements don't count as unit and don't enter in the number in this area.
2. Elements don't land in the area because they are destroy after beeing use.
3. Because they are remove (destroy) from the board, they don't block LoS.
4. Power is one thing but some Talent use 3d element too... 3 titans on 5 got Force of Nature and can use element to increase their ATTACK with +1 atk and +1 Rng. Ajax and Antheus got Force of Nature too. (6 monsters too).
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Thrown elements
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