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 Another Texan!

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Another Texan! Empty
PostSubject: Another Texan!   Another Texan! Empty11th January 2017, 5:50 am

I've seen one other so far, so I know I'm not alone in the greatest country in the world :-D.

My real name is Josh and I live right smack in the center of the state (next to the largest Army base in the world). This project was my first Kickstarter and I have to admit that I was pretty apprehensive. I don't know anything about the stock market or have any other investments, but I've been a lifelong gamer and so figured this was too appropriate. I used to work for the mighty GW (a decade in the Emprah's service built a respect for miniatures that will go with me to my grave) and I've been playing DnD since '87. Between those, how could I resist a miniatures game about Greek mythology?!?!

C'mon December!!! I need more toyz!!! What a Face
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Another Texan!
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